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How To Install Flash On Amazon Kindle Fire?

With your Kindle fire tablet you can not only read the e-books along with kindle books but also you can use other important software for enhancing the kindle experience. You might be familiar with Flash player as much content is in Flash. So, we have come up with a guide that will help you in installing flash on your Kindle Fire tablet so that you will not miss any content.

With the availability of so much of content on the web in Flash, it is unfortunate that Google has stopped support for the mobile flash player on android. Loading a web page only to be met with a message Plug-in error is never a fun and it can inhibit your browsing experience of your mobile as you try to watch any video play an addicting flash game. Know more about your Kindle fire from Kindle Fire Support.
One thing that separates the Kindle Fire HDX over other Android devices is the fact that it can play Amazon instant videos. All the non-Amazon android phone and tablets are required to use Flash Player in the web browser for viewing the content, but your Kindle can play it just fine as is. Take Kindle Support in case you need any information or help.
But it doesn’t mean that kindle can play flash content, you will need to sideload the flash player APK for watching the content that uses flash on the web. Follow these steps for installing flash on your Kindle Fire tablet or you can also take Kindle Help:

Enable unknown sources

On your kindle, head into the settings and turn on Apps from unknown sources to ensure that we can install the applications from outside the Amazon App store.

Install Dolphin Browser

The stock Amazon silk browser doesn’t support Flash Player so we will be using a popular alternative that is Dolphin browser. Since the browser is not available on amazon App store for kindle, so we need to use an APK of the newest version from Android drawer. When you are on Android Drawer page click on download Dolphin Browser for android, then wait till the APK is downloaded. After you get a download notification, click n the alert for starting the installation.

Enable Jetpack & Flash Player

Now open the Dolphin browser and go to its settings for making sure that Dolphin jetpack is turned on, which is directly integrated into the 11.0 version of the browser. After that enter the Web content section and make sure Flash player is always set to on.

Install Adobe Flash Player 11.1

Download and install the version 11.1 of Adobe flash player for Android file. Amazon Kindle Support can be taken in case you get any issue in installing any software.

Test it out

Now you have flash player installed in Dolphin, you can try a flash player test which is found online or attempt to play a flash game and check it to see is the process was successful.

So, that’s it. Now you get Flash on your Kindle Fire tablet. In case you need any kind of help you can navigate to www Kindle com Support.


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